Eva’s Evolution

Eva is coming of age and confused by mixed messages from peers, parents and professors as she evolves into her own person.  Originally written as a choral reading for high school large group speech competition, this short play is flexible enough for college and adult groups.

Seven actors can perform the play but more can be worked in. Eva is the central character and a teenaged girl; others play the roles of her peers and the adults in her life. The setting is mostly imaginary and can be conveyed with rehearsal cubes or folding chairs.

graphic image of AmyIf you have any questions at all, or would like to see a sample from one of my plays before purchasing, please contact me!

Question: What am I paying for?
Answer: The price is for a single performance in front of a paying audience. However, if performed for a competition or a charity event, a single purchase will cover the entire run of the performance.
NOTE: Once your payment has been made you will get a PDF of the complete script via email - so make sure you put in your correct email address.