Looking for a full length play for your school or community theatre group? Need a short play for a student contest or something on a particular theme? Do your students need monologues for auditions?

Wouldn’t it be fun to perform an evening of short plays or monologues and give more actors and directors an opportunity to be involved?

These plays are written for actors of all experience levels and are not loaded with expectations or preconceptions of how the characters must look – making them ideal for students and amateur actors and directors. Plus, who doesn’t want to pretend to be an elephant or a dinosaur?


Plays are at least 90 minutes long, have at least two acts, with cast sizes of three to thirty.

Featured Play

Animal Facts

Two moose have locked antlers in battle and have a deep conversation while they are stuck together.  A killer whale in captivity dreams he is back in the ocean with his mother.  Rats in a maze have to remember their way back to the cheese.  Elephants gather for a meeting of matriarchs to discuss possible dangers to their herd.  A flock of wild geese needs a new leader… 

Grant Freeman

Animal Facts is the perfect show for students in Middle School all the way through College.  We directed Animal Facts in the Spring of 2019 at the Middle School level and the students loved it. 

Amy White blends important themes with easy to understand characters.  Through a collage of interactive and collaborative-driven stories, every actor feels a part of the overall process. 

From the heartbreaking plight of a misunderstood killer whale to a farmer’s almanac meeting of local dinosaurs, each mini-play carries weight, humor, and heart.  Animal Facts will engage audiences and students alike! 

— Grant Freeman, director, Mount Vernon Middle School

Short Plays

Short Plays involve two or more actors and are ten to twenty minutes in length.

Featured Short Play

teanage girl sitting outdoors

Eva’s Evolution

Originally written as a choral reading for high school large group speech competition, this short play is flexible enough for college and adult groups. Eva is coming of age and confused by mixed messages from peers, parents and professors as she evolves into her own person…


Monologues are short pieces to showcase one actor in a performance, competition or prepared audition.

Featured Monologue

woman looking out at audience from the stage

Get Organized

A professional organizer conducts a workshop for which she is not prepared, turning it into an opportunity to talk about her life, which seems to be falling apart.


First, this show worked beautifully in a small theatre, allowing a great deal of creativity and connection with the audience.  Second, I loved that it was multi-generational. I had the pleasure of performing alongside my granddaughter as lab rats in Maze.  That is an experience that I will treasure forever. And finally, I loved the emotions that the animal characters elicited–the humor of silly geese flying in pattern and the mocking viceroy vs monarch butterflies along with the very touching and realistic animal kingdom traumas. It was a pleasure for me to have a small part in this very creative show. 

– Debby Pohlson, grandmother, Grinnell Arts Center
Grant Freeman

As an actor in MVLCT’s Animal Facts (2017), I played the part of Moose in the mini-play, North Woods Diorama.  Amy White’s writing manages to blend authenticity with simplicity using ordinary characters to tell extraordinary themes.  Despite being onstage for only six minutes, the show still resonates with me to this day.  I would suggest this show for any and all.   

— Grant Freeman, actor, age 33, Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Theatre

Working with Amy and participating in telling these stories has impacted me incredibly. I feel insanely lucky to have obtained unique experiences with everyone involved in comfortable environments. I’ve been taught valuable lessons, have heard remarkable experiences from others, and have received opportunities to create heart-warming friendships. When working on the show Animal Facts, I was introduced to the emotional fact of elephant poaching and was able to do a great deal of research on the topic outside of rehearsal, during rehearsals, and also through the script as well. During rehearsals, I was able to connect to the story and others easily, even if I was playing the role of an elephant, wolf, or spider. Animal Facts is an entertaining show full of interesting facts and stories about the world for people of all ages.

– Lynn Burgin, age 18, actor, Mount Vernon-Lisbon Community Theatre


Question: What am I paying for?
Answer: The price is for a single performance in front of a paying audience. However, if performed for a competition or a charity event, a single purchase will cover the entire run of the performance.

NOTE: Once your payment has been made you will get a PDF of the complete script via email – so make sure you put in your correct email address.

NOTE: If you have any additional questions, please contact me!