Get Organized! A Bunch of Monologues for Women, in No Particular Order

A disorganized professional organizer shares a bit too much personal information while conducting a workshop. A girl in a doctor’s office imagines her boyfriend getting pregnant instead of her. A harried mother tells her daughter a story using a bag of groceries.

Nine monologues presented in no particular order, Get Organized! is a flexible play for females from teenagers to grandmothers and covers the victories and disappointments of working and privilege.

A mixture of comedy, drama, movement and object puppetry makes these monologues challenging for actors and creates a full evening of thoughtful entertainment for audiences. Each of the monologues can be acquired separately or combined as a whole production.

The Get Organized!  Complete Production.

This play is a collection of 9 individual monologues, they are listed below.  The complete production includes all of them.  You can purchase individual monologues if you wish.

Get Organized!

(age 30’s – 50’s)

A professional organizer conducts a workshop for which she is not prepared, turning it into an opportunity to talk about her life, which seems to be falling apart.


(age 40’s – 50’s)

After a visit to the nursing home, a woman reflects on her father’s life before and after Alzheimer’s.

Teacher’s Lounge

(age 20’s – 40’s)

A high school English teacher is furious when she suspects that one of her colleagues stole her lunch from the staff refrigerator.

Secret Shopper

(age 40’s – 60’s)

Trying to do a good job as a secret shopper conflicts with a woman’s motherly instincts as she reviews the secrets she carries.

Cinderella Brings Home the Groceries

(age 20’s – 30’s)

This mother of a young girl is sick and tired of princess stories.

No Dying

(age 20’s – 40’s)

Addressing her local library board of trustees, a mother asks for a popular children’s book to be removed from the shelves.

Inner Child

(age 15 – 20’s)

While waiting to see her doctor, a girl imagines what her pregnancy will make her look like and what would happen if her boyfriend had gotten pregnant instead of her.

Gift Horse

(age 40’s – 50’s)

A woman packs a box with Christmas gifts to mail to her mother-in-law and imagines how each of them will be criticized when opened.


(age 60’s +)

When a widow receives a call from someone claiming to be her grandson, she has to confront her own disappointments and wants him to call back.

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Question: What am I paying for?
Answer: The price is for a single performance in front of a paying audience. However, if performed for a competition or a charity event, a single purchase will cover the entire run of the performance.
NOTE: Once your payment has been made you will get a PDF of the complete script via email - so make sure you put in your correct email address.