The Knitting Lesson, or Heroes of the Homefront

Letters from her husband serving in the European theater during World War II keep Alice going during their separation, along with her parents, friends, teaching job, and learning to knit. She realizes the stress on all of them when her mother sees Lloyd’s photo in the newspaper and thinks it is there because he has been killed. In fact, he has been recognized for his bravery in combat and has received the Silver Star.

A period piece based on family stories and history, this short play for high school or community groups can evoke wartime memories and stories from the audience for a Veterans’ Day or 9/11 program. The Knitting Lesson is a long one act play with three scenes played with one simple interior for a set.


  • Alice Smith Loope (20’s-30’s)–a young mother whose husband is at war
  • Lloyd Loope (20’s-30’s)–a lieutenant in Patton’s army
  • Pastor Smith/Papa (40’s-60’s)–Alice’s father, a Lutheran pastor
  • Mrs. Smith/Mama (40’s-60’s)–Alice’s mother
  • Mildred Showalter (20’s-30’s)–Alice’s neighbor and friend
  • Charles Ramsburg (20’s-30’s)–the school principal
  • Esther Healey (20’s-30’s)–a neighbor

This play is available for $50 for public production and $25 for student competition.

graphic image of AmyIf you have any questions at all, or would like to see a sample from one of my plays before purchasing, please contact me!

Question: What am I paying for?
Answer: The price is for a single performance in front of a paying audience. However, if performed for a competition or a charity event, a single purchase will cover the entire run of the performance.
NOTE: Once your payment has been made you will get a PDF of the complete script via email - so make sure you put in your correct email address.