World’s Teeniest

The youngest humans among us have no voice in the issues that affect their future.

In this three-scene play,  a man, a woman, and a child take on different roles in abstract situations that depict the problems of abortion, gun control, and climate change.  The timely themes are appropriate for high school as well as community groups.

Actors needed are one male adult and one female adult around the same age (20’s – 30’s) and one child (age 8 – 12).

The first scene of the play is World’s Teeniest, set in the generic interior of a house. This interior is used for all three scenes. Based loosely on a philosophical argument about abortion, the house is the woman’s body. A child has broken into her house in spite of all the security measures the woman has taken. A man who has been allowed into the house but apparently doesn’t live there could represent the father of the child.

In the second scene, If and Only If, the woman becomes a home security representative inspecting the man’s house for security breaches. She convinces him he needs a special device to make his home more secure.

The final scene is What I Want to Ask. It features the child using a Magic Eight ball toy to question the adults about their responsibility for the state of the world.

graphic image of AmyIf you have any questions at all, or would like to see a sample from one of my plays before purchasing, please contact me!

Question: What am I paying for?
Answer: The price is for a single performance in front of a paying audience. However, if performed for a competition or a charity event, a single purchase will cover the entire run of the performance.
NOTE: Once your payment has been made you will get a PDF of the complete script via email - so make sure you put in your correct email address.